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The AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer certification is a prestigious credential that demonstrates a candidate’s expertise in developing and maintaining the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on the Azure platform. AZ-220 is the official test that must be taken to obtain this certification. This test assesses a candidate’s abilities in designing and implementing Azure IoT solutions, as well as their knowledge of Azure services and other related technologies. This article will provide an overview of the AZ-220 test and the topics that it covers. It will also provide an outline of the types of questions that you can expect to encounter on the exam, as well as some tips for studying and preparing for the test.

What Technologies Should I Expect to See Covered on the AZ-220 Test?

The AZ-220 exam tests an individual’s knowledge and experience with Microsoft Azure technologies. Candidates should expect to be tested on the following areas:

  • Core Azure services, including networking, storage, compute, identity, and security
  • Azure development and implementation, including deploying and configuring Virtual Machines
  • Implementing and managing applications with Azure App Service
  • Developing for Azure storage, including Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Blob Storage
  • Implementing authentication and secure data solutions, including Azure Key Vault
  • Implementing Azure integration solutions, including Azure Event Grid, logic apps, and service bus
  • Developing and deploying serverless solutions with Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps
  • Managing Azure resources with PowerShell and the Azure CLI
  • Developing solutions with the Azure IoT Suite, including Azure IoT Hub and IoT Edge
  • Implementing Azure DevOps, including Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, and Azure Artifacts
  • Managing a DevOps strategy for Azure solutions, including source control and version control, CI/CD pipelines, testing, and monitoring.

What Types of Questions Can I Expect to See on the AZ-220 Exam?

The AZ-220 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services and their ability to implement, manage, and monitor an Azure environment. The exam covers topics such as Azure administration, Azure development, Azure security, and Azure data. Specifically, the exam will assess a candidate’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Azure architecture and services, including virtual machines, storage, and networking
  • Azure security and identity management
  • Implementing and managing applications and services on Azure
  • Developing solutions on Azure
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions
  • Implementing DevOps on Azure
  • Integrating data storage solutions
  • Implementing and managing data analytics solutions
  • Creating Azure AI and cognitive services solutions
  • Implementing and managing IoT solutions .

Candidates should also be prepared to answer questions about the principles of cloud computing, Azure pricing and support, Azure development tools, and the Azure Marketplace.

How Can I Prepare for the AZ-220 Exam to Improve My Chances of Passing?

Preparing for the AZ-220 exam is a great way to increase your chances of success. The exam is designed to assess your knowledge of Microsoft Azure and the related technologies. To prepare for the exam, start by becoming familiar with the exam objectives. Review the exam objectives to understand the topics that will be covered and the skills you will need to demonstrate. Next, review the study materials available. Microsoft offers a wide array of resources to help you prepare for the exam, including books, video tutorials, and practice tests.

AZ-220 Test Questions

Make sure you understand the material thoroughly before attempting the exam. Once you have a good understanding of the material, practice applying what you have learned. You can use the practice tests to test your knowledge and identify any weak areas. Additionally, consider enrolling in an online course or joining a study group to discuss the content with other aspiring professionals.

Finally, create a study plan. Establish a timeline for when you want to complete each section of the exam and plan for regular study sessions. By following a study plan, you can maximize your chances of success. By taking the time to properly prepare for the AZ-220 exam, you can increase your chances of success. With the proper preparation and dedication, you can demonstrate your knowledge of the Microsoft Azure technologies and become certified.

What Are the Most Important Topics to Focus On When Studying for the AZ-220 Test?

When studying for the AZ-220 test, it is important to focus on the following topics:
1. Cloud Concepts: Understanding the fundamentals of cloud computing, including architecture, services, and deployment models.
2. Governance and Compliance: Becoming familiar with the principles of identity, security, and data management, as well as compliance and auditing requirements.
3. Networking: Learning about the concepts of virtual networks, subnets, gateways, and security.
4. Data Platform: Understanding the concepts of data storage, data movement, and data processing.
5. Security: Becoming familiar with the principles of identity, security, and data protection.
6. Identity: Understanding the concepts of authentication, authorization, and identity management.
7. Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Learning how to monitor and troubleshoot Azure resources.
8. Automation: Becoming familiar with the basics of automation, including scripting and automation tools. By mastering these topics and understanding the AZ-220 test objectives, you will be well-prepared to pass the exam and become an Azure Administrator Associate.

What Resources Are Available to Help Me Pass the AZ-220 Exam?

The Microsoft AZ-220 exam is designed to assess an individual’s knowledge and skills related to the development of Microsoft Azure IoT Solutions. In order to pass the exam, it is important to have an understanding of the exam objectives and to prepare accordingly. Below are some resources available to help candidates better prepare for the AZ-220 exam.
1. Microsoft Learn: This online learning platform offers various courses and modules on Azure IoT Solutions and related topics. It is designed to help individuals gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the AZ-220 exam.
2. Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Center: This resource provides a comprehensive collection of tutorials and resources related to Azure IoT Solutions, including sample code and best practices.
3. Microsoft Azure Exam Prep Guide: This guide offers an overview of the AZ-220 exam objectives, as well as a list of recommended study materials and exam preparation strategies.
4. Practice Tests: Practice tests are a great way to become familiar with the exam format and to assess one’s readiness. There are many reputable practice tests available online.
5. Study Groups: Joining a study group or online forum can be a great way to get support and to share information with other candidates preparing for the AZ-220 exam. By making use of the resources and strategies mentioned above, candidates can better prepare for the AZ-220 exam and increase their chances of success.


In conclusion, the AZ-220 test questions should include topics related to the Azure cloud platform, including infrastructure, Azure architecture, security, data storage, networking, and identity management. Additionally, the questions should also cover topics related to the deployment and management of applications on the Azure platform. By having a thorough understanding of these topics, individuals will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise when attempting the AZ-220 exam.

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